Tuesday, April 13, 2010

11 april

Anda indonesia? Tidak, saya hanya datang ke sini untuk makanan.
(Are you Indonesian? No, I just came here for the food.)
Indofest 2010
Rymill Park, Adelaide


  1. sedap, missing indon food!

  2. i know! luckily there are a lot of asian shops and restaurants here. had ayam soto, sate, lumpia and kuih dadah last sunday. i could have eaten more :)

  3. i missed this, sayang next time na lang. ~Anwar

  4. sayang nga anwar. last year we won a balinese "pot and stand" which is now in our front yard. this year, we got half a dozen of indomie! not quite the same. but it was fun.
    so see you there next year!

  5. jan, i meant, soto ayam. sorry dyslexic. and kuih dadah is the malaysian term for the green pancakes with coconut and gula melaka filling, i forgot what they call it in indonesia.